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Michelin CrossClimate + Tyres Offer a Reliable Year Round Solution for Sedans and Performance Vehicles

The Michelin CrossClimate + Tyres are proving to be the coveted solution for changing tyres during colder months. UK winters are characterised for being unpredictable, ranging from cold and snowy to extremely wet and rainy. This creates a huge problem when trying to choose the best tyres for the wintertime.

Thanks to the Michelin CrossClimate + Tyres you will not have to worry about changing tyres come wintertime. The CrossClimate passed tests such as dry braking, snow traction, wet braking, and wet handling with flying colours, while feeling more like a “regular” tyre when compared to winter and all season rubber.

Why are specialised tyres important?

The big issue with not keeping up with the seasons is that summer tyres are not as safe to drive during the winter months. Wet, cold roads mean that your vehicle will react differently, and having the wrong type of tyres for each particular condition increases the chances of a car accident.

Traditionally, winter tyres were required during colder months because they are designed to perform in wet, snowy, and low-temperature conditions. However, the Michelin CrossClimate + Tyres is the first summer wheel cover that can be used during the cold, snowy and wet winter months as well.

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Tirendo offers the best tyres selection, regardless of your preference. From summer to winter, all-season, and of course, CrossClimate + tyres, you can find the best deals at

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