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MICHELIN Primacy 4: High-level of Wet Grip from the First to the Last Mile

Designed to be fitted on passenger cars, the MICHELIN Primacy 4 is a premium touring summer tyre. This tyre offers a new recommendation for safety as it provides a high level of performance on wet roads. From the first use until worn to the legal wear, this tyre responds to the long-lasting need to perform until the very end.

Endures 11,000 Miles More Than its Competitors

Compared to its immediate competitors, the MICHELIN Primacy 4 endures an average of 11,000 miles more, which confirms the long-lasting achievement of the Michelin’s tyres design. It is a solid display of the Michelin Group’s strategy: throughout the life of the tyre, consumers must be able to drive safely, downright to the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm.

Furthermore, even when worn, a safety-oriented pattern design helps MICHELIN Primacy 4 to maintain a high level of water clearance. Thanks to the 22% of the additional space in the tread, the tyre drains more water. The tyre can give an outstanding wet braking performance without compromising tyre’s longevity due to the latest generation high-performance rubber compound, no matter if new or worn. For an even better experience with the MICHELIN Primacy 4, an innovative wear indicator helps you determine when the tyres need to be replaced.

Stress-free Even at Higher Speeds

The tyre provides excellent contact with the road so that the motorist always has the feeling that he can control the vehicle safely. The good track run makes it possible to travel relaxed and stress-free without major corrections even at higher speeds. These properties also are retained during braking. As a result, safety is maintained even in difficult situations. These properties are retained even on wet roads so that even in the rain a good traction and braking behaviour largely remain. As a result, tyre and vehicle fit together perfectly.

MICHELIN Primacy 4 205/55 R16 and 64 other sizes can be found online at Tirendo.co.uk. Find the perfect match for your car today.

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