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Nankang SNOW SV-2 Tyres

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Stability and Safety with High Performance Nankang Snow SV 2 Winter Tyres

Nankang Snow SV 2 winter tyres built on the lessons of its predecessor to create a tyre that transforms winter driving experience. Featuring designs you might expect from a standard winter tyre, Nankang Snow SV 2 car tyres are in their element on hard packed and powdery snow, and wet slush.

No Wheelspin with Nankang Snow SV 2 Winter Tyres

Nankang Snow SV 2 car tyres have been designed for enhanced drainage on wet road. The V-shaped four-grooved tread allow ample traction on wet slush to minimize aquaplaning. Solid groove wall design enables excellent bite on powdery snow, enabling smooth and safe driving even on fresh snow as thick as 20cm. without any wheelspin! Specially formulated tread compound also makes dislodging ice easier.

Nankang Snow SV 2 affords spontaneous turn in and minimal understeering even in deep snow. Overall stability and braking performance prove impeccable in true winter conditions, with the added benefit of predictability and imperceptible noise.

Nankang Snow SV 2 Features

Nankang Snow SV 2 winter tyres transform your cold weather driving experience - excellent grip in deep snow, high aquaplaning resistance in wet slush, and proven stability even in the harshest driving conditions. There is also the added benefit of longevity, ride comfort and attractive profile.

Nankang Snow SV 2 car tyres fit a diverse range of winter touring wheels. The tyre's width ranges from 145-255mm, with the tyre profile at 35-80%. The tyres are made for wheels with a smaller diameter, starting at 12 inches up to the larger 19 inches.

Nankang tyres are known for quality products designed for safety, reliability and comfort, all at attractive prices. So when you are looking for maximum winter mobility, comfort and safety, and the best value for your money, Nankang winter tyres are the only tyres you need!

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