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Semperit Car Tyres

Buying Semperit Tyres

All the popular tyre sizes are comfortably covered by Semperit tyres. These tyres offer great value for your money. The company has made car tyres since 1900 and is determined at offering quality car tyres at the most affordable prices for its customers.

Semperit Tyres and Features

The summer tyres offered by Semperit for small to medium sized cars are the Comfort-Life 2. These tyres are capable of offering great stability on wet roads. It will expel water from its surface quickly because of special groove shape and tread design. The double sipe concept ensures excellent braking and handling characteristics. The Semperit tyres for medium sized and luxury cars are the Speed-Life 2. They are optimized to offer great handling and performance during summer with improved rolling resistance.

Semperit tyres Specifications

The Speed Life 2 Semperit tyres are designed to suit rim sizes ranging from 15 to 21 inches. The tyre dimensions range from: 185 to 295 width, 35 to 55 heights, 82 to 109 load indexes and speed index rating of H (up to 210 km/h), V (240 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). The Comfort-Life 2 tyres sold at are made to suit 13 to 15 inch rim sizes. The tyre dimensions range from 135 to 195 in width, 55 to 80 in height, 70 to 95 and H and T load and speed indexes respectively.

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