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Falken Car Summer Tyres

Affordable solutions for a spirited drive – Falken summer tyres

Designed to provide a good balance of performance, efficiency, and comfort, Falken summer tyres offer truly remarkable value for money – and we invite you to take advantage of Tirendo’s advantageous range of online tyres, and spend less for the pleasure of driving on Falken tyres. These quality products are well in line with the brand’s sporty image, but practical aspects are by no means neglected.

At Tirendo, you will find Falken summer tyres for any application. Small and compact car tyres are always popular, and the Falken Sincera SN-828 is an affordable model that offers high wear resistance and good safety reserves. The Falken SN832EC is in its element in the rain, and is one of the few small car tyres to score an A-class rating for wet grip.

Stay safe and comfortable with Falken summer tyres from Tirendo

The Falken Ziex ZE912 and ZE914 are dependable touring summer tyres with good driving behaviour on dry and wet roads, well suited for compact and mid-sized vehicles. For larger cars and SUVs, the Falken Azenis FK453 provides high grip and stability in any weather. The Falken FK-452 is a performance tyre that ensures sharp handling and feedback for sporty cars and premium saloons.

Falken summer tyres are traditionally fun products with a sporty soul, but the brand also makes some of the most popular workhorse rubber on the market. Van and caravan tyres like the Falken R-51 and the Falken RI-103 are engineered with good load-bearing properties and long service life in mind. Make your choice, and order now your new Falken summer tyres online from - at the most competitive car tyre prices!

Tirendo offers you a great variety of products, and the best tyre deals. Whether you are looking for cheap, eco or premium tyres, we have everything you need.

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