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Landsail LS388
185/40 R17 82W


Summer tyres
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Roll resistance E Wet grip C Noise emissions 70dB
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Landsail Car Summer Tyres - Perfect Blend of Technology and Performance

Choosing Landsail car summer tyres is a clever choice and above all a safe one. These tyres are the perfectly balanced blend of performance and technology. Each class has a different still very notable profile structure, which means that for any car in any segment there is a tyre available and developed to fit like a glove.

The most pleasant blend of tyre and car ensures that the tyres can perform optimally in all conditions and drive, with predictable braking attributes. Landsail summer tyres prove their quality even under pressure such as sudden brake and turn.

An example of the class is the Landsail LS588 SUV, designed for ultra-high-performance driving. It is an all-around performer offering an excellent dry and wet grip, an outstanding balance of fuel efficiency and low noise properties. The sizes in which this economic tyre comes for passenger cars are from 17 to 22 inches.

Whether summer or winter tires, with the Landsail brand everyone will surely find the right product because the range of the renowned Asian manufacturer includes innumerable models, which are suitable for passenger cars as well as for light trucks, transporters and others. The tyres are available in various sizes and flank heights as well as with different load capacity and speed index.

Landsail is a Chinese tyre manufacturer that began assembly-line production in 2009, mainly engaged in passenger and aircraft tyres. With ultra-high-performance technology advancement and manufacturing processes, Landsail has been one of the principal companies in the sector of tyre production. They lined the first factory in China to manufacture tyres in the 20 series such as 315/20 ZR30. Also, they are the first manufacturer in the world to produce a mass scope of SUV tyres in the size of 32 inches like 305/25 ZR32 for the international market sale. On top of that, Landsail has developed extremely quiet, eco-friendly tyres which exceeded the B/B level established by EU labelling law in wet grip and rolling resistance.

At Tirendo.co.uk you will find suitable Landsail car summer tyres for a safe journey in the most beautiful time of the year for every tyre size and every vehicle class.

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