Mohawk Car Summer Tyres

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Mohawk Car Summer Tyres - True Value for the Money

With a brand-new set of Mohawk car summer tyres fitted, you will be in the position to benefit from the manufacturer's quality, performance and years of innovation you would make every effort to find somewhere else. Tyres from Mohawk brand are an excellent choice for your run of the mill. However, they are not recommendable for the sporty driving style.

The summer tyres are designed to ensure stability and adherence to the road surface when the temperature rises to 7 °C and up. Below this threshold, these tyres tend to harden at the expense of stability.

Summer tyres from Mohawk are very immersive. For a budget tyre, they have good wet and especially dry handling abilities. Even though they have a very soft compound, there is no traction code on the sidewall. Models such as the Mohawk M105 are a good proof of that as they last forever. This tyre excels in comfort and durability both in wet and dry. Many motorists are already convinced with the quality and its true value for money.

The Mohawk brand was once the pride and joy of the American company Mohawk Rubber Co. based in Salem before Yokohama Tyre acquired it in 1989. A year later, in November, Yokohama started with its car tyre production. From then the company manufactured more than 80 million tyres. The tyres are mainly produced for the US and ROC markets.

Besides passenger car tyres Mohawk as a budget brand also produces a wide range of tyres for 4x4 and SUV’s, agricultural as well as light commercial and heavy vehicles. In its offering, it also has an impressive assortment of winter tyres.

Tirendo.co.uk is designed to cater a variety of premium, economy and budget tyres available and not only Mohawk car summer tyres, but from all the leading tyre manufacturers. We offer you reasonable prices across a range of different tyre sizes. For some cars, it is possible to fit another tyre brand than the ones that are presently on the vehicle. Therefore, it is worth reviewing your alternatives.

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