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Yokohama Car Summer Tyres

Yokohama Summer Tyres – Convincing Top Performance

Yokohama summer tyres embody sportiness, safety and comfort. The high-performance tyres of the Japanese tyre manufacturer are developed using state-of-the-art technology and tested under the toughest racing conditions. Yokohama is in the league of the top 10 largest tyre manufacturers worldwide. Additionally, numerous premium car manufacturers rely on the tyres of this brand in the original equipment of their models, including Aston Martin, Audi and Porsche.

Summer tyres from the manufacturer Yokohama achieve not only best in terms of reliability, but also in terms of grip in curves and aquaplaning. At the same time, Yokohama summer tyres are available in modern designs. Yokohama can also satisfy your desire for Eco-tyres with the summer tyres dB super E-spec. Compared to normal tyres, these contain about 80 percent less mineral oil products. Another characteristic of Yokohama's summer tyres is its low rolling resistance, which also helps to save fuel.

Yokohama's series summer tyres will make you feel right at home. This tyre series is also considered the entry-level class for premium high-performance tyres. With the summer tyres Yokohama 2 you get comfort, safety and handling all in one. The dry handling, which was already excellent on the, was further upgraded by cross-profiling. This enormously simplifies the wet handling.

Optionally, these tyres are even available as multiply reinforced XL tyres with a special rim protector for your vehicle. Always pay attention to the maximum speed specified by the manufacturer as the maximum permissible for your new tyres. Usually, this is between 110 and 160 mph. For you, this means that even at top speeds you will be safe on the summer roads.

Majority of Yokohama products are environmentally friendly. For instance, the BluEarth AE0 not only achieves the best results on dry roads and convinces in the wet, but also impresses with its low rolling resistance. This is achieved by orange oil in the rubber compound, which also ensures a lower oil consumption. This Yokohama summer tyre is available in around 40 sizes for many vehicle classes. The Yokohama 2 also has an optimal performance and is unbeatable on wet roads. In addition, it has a favourable fuel consumption in dry weather.

Buy your next Yokohama summer tyres at and save money. If you wish to enhance the look of your vehicle you may also opt for our complete wheel and tyre packages.

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