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Avon Car Winter Tyres

A great alternative to dreading the weather – Avon winter tyres

The well-known British brand Avon may be American-owned these days, but its models are still very much Old World-oriented. Avon winter tyres are specifically developed to provide broad safety margins and excellent comfort in unpredictable cold-season conditions – where mild, damp weather can quickly give way to traffic-paralysing snow falls.

This degree of versatility is widely appreciated in European markets, and by no means less so in the UK. Avon tyres provide an extremely good mix of quality, adaptability, and value for money. At Tirendo, we invite you to browse our catalogue and take notice of our many special tyre offers – making car tyre prices more affordable than ever.

Balanced performance for any driver, with Avon winter tyres from Tirendo

Avon winter tyres display impressive cold-weather qualities, such as safe handling on wet and frozen roads, low rolling resistance, good resistance to aquaplaning, and confident braking. The special rubber compound mixtures of Avon winter tyres allow them to keep their footing on any surface at temperatures below 7°C.

The excellent Avon Ice Touring and Ice Touring ST models proudly wear the ‘Snowflake’ symbol – certifying their ability to cope with severe winter conditions. They also provide efficiency and safe, predictable handling. If you require reliable 4x4 tyres, the Avon Ranger Ice is at home on wet roads, in deep snow, and even in the mud. Transporters can opt for the Avon VanMaster, a sturdy model with good traction and mileage.

If you are looking for cheap, eco or premium tyres, at Tirendo you will find diversity, quality services, and the best tyre deals! So buy your Avon winter tyres online, at

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