GT Radial Car Winter Tyres

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GT Radial is a global tyre brand originating from Indonesia, where productivity and industrial efficiency are legendary. The brand is highly recognisable for motorists all over the world, which is a real testament to what it has achieved. Its tyres are original equipment to a number of different cars, including for steel and aluminium wheels. which is a strong endorsement of the smooth, quality driving experience they promise. And with GT Radial winter tyres, you get safe winter driving without the massive price tag.

GT Radial winter tyres to explore:

The GT Radial Champiro WinterPro is a budget winter tyre that can tackle those tough winter roads for passenger cars. The flexible compound remains supple even at low temperatures, which is a fundamental requirement of a winter tyre. The even pressure distribution gives the tyre a long lifespan, so you get even more use out of the low price, and rolling resistance is low to deliver more miles to the gallon. Braking distances, aquaplaning resistance and grip in the snow are all of a good standard.

The GT Radial Champiro WT is another great option, with all the design brilliance needed to deliver safe and precise motoring across all the winter conditions. There have been reports of high noise from the tyre, which can impact drive comfort for some, but at the low price you can expect to compromise on some of the luxuries. What you will get is safe performance in winter conditions and a long lifespan that further protects your bank balance.

How GT Radial winter tyres get the balance right between performance and price:

  • The flexible rubber compound delivers great grip and also resists wear.
  • The even pressure distribution ensures stability and good handling, and helps resist wear.
  • The low rolling resistance means a smooth ride that minimises fuel consumption.

GT Radial winter tyres don’t skip the essentials

The full Champiro range of GT Radial winter tyres can be found at Tirendo.co.uk. Their budget tyres come in a range of sizes for passenger cars, so you're sure to find what you need.

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