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Maxxis Car Winter Tyres

Always stay one step ahead of the weather, with Maxxis winter tyres from Tirendo offers you a large selection of Maxxis winter tyres for a variety of applications. Whether you drive a small city car or a large SUV, you can rely on these quality products to get you through whatever winter has in store for you. The American brand that has built its reputation on specialised tyres for difficult conditions, and its range of winter tyres is among the best on the market.

Quality cold-weather tyres can be costly, but if you want cheap winter tyres, you can buy a set of Maxxis winter tyres online from Tirendo at surprisingly advantageous prices. We also encourage you to look for our frequent special tyre offers, and save even more money. There is plenty to choose from, and you will certainly be satisfied with your new Maxxis winter tyres.

Maxxis winter tyres – cold-weather specialists for trouble-free journeys

Our stock of Maxxis winter tyres caters for a wide variety of motorists. Whatever you drive, wherever you drive, we can offer you the best tyre deals for the cold season. The Maxxis WP-05 ArcticTrekker and the Maxxis MA-PW are extremely competent winter car tyres, produced in sizes of 13 through 17 inches.

Of course, Maxxis is first of all a brand with tremendous credibility in the field of 4x4 tyres. Specialised cold-weather SUV tyres could hardly be absent from the line-up, and the Maxxis MA-SW is one of the class leaders. Transporters are also provided for. The Maxxis MA W2 and MA W2 WinterMaxx have good load-bearing properties, and can carry your passengers or cargo safely through the worst of winter weather.

If you are looking for cheap, eco or premium tyres, at Tirendo you will find diversity, quality services, and the best tyre deals! So buy your Maxxis winter tyres online, at

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