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Pirelli Car Winter Tyres

Technology at its finest, with Pirelli winter tyres

When thinking of Italy, winter may not be the first image that comes to mind. But Pirelli winter tyres have long been appreciated by quality-conscious customers for their excellent balance of comfort and performance. Bred on the spectacular winding roads of the Italian Alps, these premium products are just as impressive on British tarmac.

Pirelli cold weather tyres are designed using the same expertise and state-of-the-art equipment that produce Pirelli’s renowned racing tyre technology. All new models undergo rigorous testing to ensure high levels of safety and driver satisfaction. Pirelli winter tyres are always expected to enhance your driving experience, regardless of the weather.

Excellent wet handling and braking in cold weather

In the UK, accidents are much more likely to occur during the cold season due to unpredictable weather conditions. While motorists often adjust their driving style when ice and snow make an appearance, cold damp roads are too often underestimated. This is where Pirelli’s all-weather technology truly shines.

Among the technical features that distinguish Pirelli winter tyres, the unique directional tread patterns certainly deserve a mention. Together with the complex, silica-rich rubber compounds, these ensure excellent stability, cornering grip, and braking power on damp roads at lower temperatures.

Pirelli quality in a variety of types and tyre sizes

The Pirelli winter tyres Snowcontrol Serie 3 is among the Italian marque’s most appreciated cold weather models. Suitable for a broad range of vehicles, including compact to mid-size cars and compact SUVs, this winter tyre shines in any weather – especially in cold wet conditions, while also being a capable snow tyre.

The Pirelli SottoZerro 3 and SottoZero Series II were developed to equip high-end premium cars and SUVs. SUV owners looking for enhanced 4x4 traction should also consider the Pirelli Scorpion Winter and Scorpion IceSnow models, while van drivers will certainly appreciate the versatile Pirelli Carrier Winter.

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