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Sava Car Winter Tyres

Sava is one of the big players in tyre manufacturing industry and one of the largest wheel manufacturers in the Central Europe. Providing quality products at reasonable prices is the core mission of Sava and this company is able to excel given its continuous innovations and developments. When shopping for Sava winter tyres, you thus stand to benefit from the company’s proven expertise. After all, Sava is a Goodyear brand, which means that you can count on the highly sophisticated winter-tyre performance when opting for these wheels.

What makes Sava winter tyres stand out?

Employing elite technologies and expert craftsmanship, the Sava winter tyres range offers many top-notch features to be enthralled with. The Sava Eskimo series is comprised of numerous tyre variants that will help you conquer a variety of harsh winter conditions.

  1. Sava Eskimo Ice wheels have been designed to make for excellent traction on every kind of winter surfaces. This tyre has been equipped with an advanced locking system that keeps studs in place for greater handling and braking on ice. This directional tread with deep grooves allows for the quick dispersal of water and snow to prevent aquaplaning.
  2. The Sava Eskimo S3+ tyre constitutes an advanced version for improved grip and handling. The modern silica compound helps the tyre stay flexible at low temperatures. With the use of a special resin, this Sava tyre makes for enhanced grip and shorter braking distances on wet and icy roads alike.

Excellent winter performance

As you can see, Sava tyres are known for their superb winter performance. This is true of the Sava Eskimo HP, Sava Eskimo S3+ (Sava Eskimo S3 Plus), Sava Eskimo S3 M+S, and Sava Eskimo Ice wheels alike. Whether you have already read through a detailed Sava Eskimo S3 review or a Sava Eskimo S3+ test, you stand to benefit from the safe and comfortable winter driving that these wheels provide. Of course, we also welcome your Sava Eskimo S3 review at online. If you would like to purchase these studded winter tyres at reasonable prices, you can count on their high mileage as well.

Shorter braking distances have been ensured, too. The superb stopping power in extremely cold weather conditions should also be mentioned at this point. If you are interested in buying high-performance winter tyres at low prices, we certainly recommend the winter tyres range by Sava. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions about these wheels either!

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