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Toyo Car Winter Tyres

Japanese cold-weather technology at its best – Toyo winter tyres

Toyo is a major Japanese maker that provides numerous high-quality products specifically developed for the demanding European markets. offers you a complete range of Toyo winter tyres, suitable for nearly any vehicle make or model. Whatever you drive, these excellent cold-weather designs will get you to your destination in safety and comfort.

The diversity of tyre sizes and variants is backed by very competitive car tyre prices – and our many special offers make them even more affordable. Tirendo makes Japanese technology available to you under the most advantageous conditions. Order your new Toyo winter tyres online now, and take advantage of the best tyre deals.

Effective solutions for every application, with Toyo winter tyres from Tirendo

The Toyo Snowprox family of winter tyres is targeted at European customers, and delivers balanced performance on cold dry and wet roads. They also work very well as snow tyres, providing ample traction and grip on any surface – whether ice, slush, or fresh snow. The Toyo winter tyres Snowprox S 942 and Snowprox S 943 offer value and stability for small, compact, and mid-sized car and crossover owners.

The Toyo Snowprox S 953 comes in 15 through 18 inch sizes, and is the Japanese marque’s latest development in this class. The adaptable Toyo Observe GSI-5 for cars, crossovers, and SUVs has a strong focus on ice and snow performance. The Toyo Open Country W/T is an outstanding SUV tyre, chosen as original equipment for the Audi Q7. If van and caravan tyres interest you, the Toyo H09 is a great choice for the cold season.

Tirendo offers you a strong mix of quality products and great car tyre prices. Are you looking for cheap, eco or premium tyres? Whatever your needs or budget, our online tyre catalogue has the flexibility to meet your expectations – and Toyo winter tyres are certainly among the most tempting offers! Buy your Toyo winter tyres online, at and find the best tyre deals!

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