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Goodyear Cargo G26

  • Tyres
    Summer tyres
  • Tyre dimensions
    195/65 R16C 104/102R 8PR
  • Weight index
  • Speed index
    R (max 170 km/h)
  • Properties
  • Item No.
  • Description
  • EU Tyre Label:

The tyre built to get performance from light trucks and vans

The Cargo G26 is a tyre that’s built to get performance from light trucks and vans.

  • Tough, consistent grip
  • Performance even with heavy loads
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Quiet, comfortable ride

Tough, consistent grip. Get confident traction with a rib and block design that maximises contact with the road, while also providing better mileage.

Quiet ride. Drive in comfort and silence thanks to a blade design that minimises noise levels.

High aquaplaning resistance. Deep grooves in the tread quickly shed water to prevent aquaplaning on rain-soaked roads.

Performance even with heavy loads. The Cargo G26 is a hard-working tyre designed to spread its load evenly for improved handling and performance, even when carrying full loads. Solid shoulder blocks help to maximise control when cornering.


  • Rib/block design
  • 4-rib design
  • Solid shoulder blocks
  • 3 wide circumferential grooves 
  • Diagonal and radial blades


  • Provides consistent surface contact with added grip
  • Spreads load evenly
  • Stabilises shoulder area
  • Disperses water rapidly
  • Increases grip and reduces noise


  • Better mileage and traction
  • Improved handling and mileage
  • Improved handling
  • Resistance to aquaplaning
  • Improved wet handling
  • Minimised noise levels

Especially developed for the new generation of light trucks and vans, the Cargo G26 sets new standards in its sector. The G26’s dual radius tread contour provides optimum footprint pressure distribution – an essential requirement for handling and even wear. The new van tyre developed for comfort and longevity.

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