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Matador MP46 Hectorra 2

  • Tyres
    Summer tyres
  • Tyre dimensions
    245/40 ZR20 95Y with kerbing rib
  • Weight index
  • Speed index
    Y (max 300 km/h)
  • Properties
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  • Description
  • EU Tyre Label:

Matador MP46 Hectorra 2 - Summer tires

For upper middle-class vehicles

Matador brand with long tradition, wide portfolio and reliable performance. Increased protection against aquaplaning. Fits perfectly for example to Skoda Octavia, Seat Leon and Audi A3.

  • Increased protection against aquaplaning
  • Good cornering stability and excellent handling
  • Pleasantly quiet driving

Increased protection against aquaplaning. Wide grooves running around the tyre displace water quickly and increase protection against aquaplaning.

Good cornering stability and excellent handling. Closed tread blocks on the inner and outer shoulders create good stability when cornering. Rigid bands running around the tyre increase tread stability. This results in excellent handling.

Pleasantly quiet driving. The computer-optimised tread pattern generates an even, smooth contact with the road surface. As a result the tyre is pleasantly quiet.

Index speed V (up to 270 km / h). Second generation of summer high-speed asymmetric tyre designated for operation of passenger vehicles at the most demanding segment of tyres – ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE.

The MATADOR tyre sold under the marketing name  MP 46 HECTORRA 2 represents the second generation of summer high-speed asymmetric tread,  designed for passenger vehicles and for the most demanding tyre segment – ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE. The novel tyre will be introduced to the market  with the complete size range – in the summer season of  2008.

Application of the UHP tyre MP 46 HECTORRA 2

The   MP 46 HECTORRA 2 Tyre tread is designed for higher and luxury class vehicles with ultra high performance for summer application. Its designation for operation on high performance automobiles at high speeds is based on its excellent braking properties and reliable maneuverability on wet as well as dry surfaces, as well as its high resistance to aquaplaning. Operational  safety of these high-performance cars is one of the most important criteria for designing  this segment of tyres.

MATADOR will introduce the MP46 to the UHP market segment in the following sizes 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20”, in the highest performance categories: V up to  240 km/h, W up to 270 km/h and Y up to 300 km/h.

Features of the MP 46 HECTORRA 2 tyre tread

Compared to its predecessor – MP45, the asymmetrical tyre tread pattern based on modern design offers better maneuverability and safety for high performance and sports drivers on dry and wet road surfaces.

The tread design is  crafted in an innovative way – in an effort to minimize the so-called whistling effect. An asymmetrical tread pattern splits the tyre to inner and outer zones, whereas each zone has its specific function at high speeds and when driving on wet surfaces. When mounting the tyres, attention must be paid to correct orientation of the tyre – assisted by the “outer” sign on the tyre wall – indicating the outer zone of each tyre.

HECTORRA 2 follows the latest trends in tyre design and  consistent with all new products of MATADOR it is equipped by innovative information elements on the tyre wall indicating the residual life of the tyre and position of the tyre on the automobile.

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