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Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres

Tradition and knowledge from Bridgestone

Bridgestone motorcycle tyres feature a mix of strength and safety to provide motorcycle owners excellent grip, cornering ability and balance. Bridgestone understands the specific needs of riders, and this translates to an array of motorcycle tyres that work for every riding style and budget, something you might expect from the world's biggest tyre and rubber company. Bridgestone motorcycle tyres can be generally divided into three categories: on road, on/off road, and race use. Be it on the track, on dirt trails, on long road trips, or on city streets, you can expect Bridgestone tyres to be with you all the way.

Benefits of Choosing Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres

If your driving demands are as varied as the terrain, then Bridgestone tyres offer an extensive product catalog to choose from. Their on-road tyres are engineered for touring, sports, mini-bike races, cruising, and classical bikes. Should your riding needs shift from driving over long distances for a relaxing get-away, to winning adrenaline-fuelled sports competitions, you will find that Bridgestone motorcycle tyres will have a set of wheels exactly for your needs.

For off the road applications, Bridgestone has produced tyres that are built to endure extreme terrains in severe driving conditions. Tread patterns are designed to navigate from soft to hard dirt, and from sand to mud. If you are into Enduro driving or motocross racing, you would want to have Bridgestone motorcycle tyres on your bike for total control and long service life.

Bridgestone racing tyres are meticulously designed for the track. Featuring better traction and gripping performance when cornering, Bridgestone motorcycle tyres are engineered to set up riders for championships.

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