Cheng Shin Motorcycle Tyres

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Amazing Cheng Shin Tyres with incredible properties

About The Company

The Cheng Shin Tyre was first established in 1967. It is situated at Yunalin, Taiwan and the founder of the company is Luo Jye. Initially the company manufactured tyres for bicycles only. As it gained successes the company expanded and introduced new product lines and began manufacturing many new products. Among these include truck tyres, passenger car tyres, motorcycle tyres, bus tyres, race cart tyres abnd tyres for industrial vechiles. CST has completed the requirements for and achieved many international certifications including the E-Mark, TS 16949, ISO9001, DOT etc.

Achievements of the Company

The company has three factories situated in Xiamen, China. By 2015 the worldwide revenue of the company grew to over $3.85 billion. As of today, CST products are available in 170 countries worldwide including operations in China, Canada, Japan, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. Moreover the company has 30000 workers working for them currently. CST has also won awards from the China Well Known Brand Award. These statistics highlight the success the compaby has had over the years and how it has expanded its business as a result of its success.

Sample Product

Among the company’s many popular products is the Medallion MD-A1. The Medallion MD-A1 is developed in such a way so that you can have a smooth and comfortable journey. The tyres provides remarkable grip in all kinds of roads. The tyre also provides low fuel consumption because of the minimal resistance force of the rotations due to the low weight of the tyre. The tread pattern consists of different sections each with a unique feature of its own. The pattern on the inner side keeps water away from the central grooves.

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