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Continental TKC 70 Tyres

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Features of Continental TKC 70 Tyres

  • These tyres are made with radial and diagonal design to offer you very good speeds on off-roads of up to 240km/h.
  • The tyres offer top-end street performance and adequate performance on off-roads.
  • The tread blocks are uniquely designed to offer very good off and on-road handling apart from being quiet and stable.
  • The use of semi-dual compound on the Continental TKC 70 tyre offered very good road grip, wet handling capacity and also improves mileage.
  • The new compound ensures very less warm-up phase during the wet conditions.

Continental TKC 70 – Tyre Specs

The tyre specs to fit front wheel of 17 inches is 120/70 58W. The Continental TKC 70 tyre dimensions for the rear 17-inch wheel are 120/90 64T, 130/80 65T, 140/80 69T, 150/70 69V, 160/60 69W, 170/60 72V and 180/55 73W. The tyre specs sold at that fits 18-inch front wheels are 100/90 57T, 110/80 59V and 120/70 60V. The tyre spec for 18-inch rear wheel is 150/70 70T. The tyre specs that suit 19” front wheel are 100/90 57T, 110/80 59V and 120/70 60V and all specs are read as tyre width/height and load and speed indexes respectively.
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