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Street Racer IA-8022 Front
22x7.00-10 TL 45N


Quad / ATV

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Innova Tyres manufactures with latest technology

About the company:

Innova Tyres was established in the year of 1995 in Taiwan. . The key goal of the Shinko tyres is to manufacture top-notch tyres with the modern and unprecedented materials and technology according to the prelidiction of the consumers and the requirements of the global automobile markets. The company has also been approved by several organizations which includes ISO 9001, The U.S. Department of Transportation, the Economic Commission for Europe and the GNU Compiler Collection. The company offer different types of tyres all kinds of vehicles such as passenger cars, trailer vans, trucks, buses and SUV/ 4x4. The primary goal of the company is to produce high- performance tyre with the latest and innovative technology according to the preference of the consumers and the needs of the automobile markets.

Sample Product:

Innova IA-7003: The center rib of the tyre is extra wide which helps to have better steer ability when driving. The grooves of the tyre causes the water to flow to disperse fast and placidly while driving through wet road conditions which in turn averts the risk of hydroplaning. The tyre features remarkable steering and braking performance and can also perform smoothly at very high speeds in all kinds of roads without causing any kind of distortion. The tyre has minor level of rolling resistance providing better fuel economy and absorbs more energy by internal friction of the tread and casing while the tyre is in motion. It has a noise reducing system which allows a quiet and comfortable ride. . The tyre is known to provide a comfortable and safe rides even in rugged roads. The tyre consists of excellent steering performance and driving control system.

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