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Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

Why Maxxis Tyres?

Maxxis motorcycle tyres are at the forefront of motorcycle tyre manufacturing for over 45 years now. It is committed to offering its customers world class tyres to meet their on-road and off-road needs. All products are tested in the company’s own testing facilities and are manufactured using the latest equipments and engineering facilities.

Maxxis Tyres and Its Features

The Presa SuperMotard M6019, M6119, M6118 and M6131 are made using Kevlor belted construction to offer top quality grip and stability on all roads. The SuperMaxx M6029 is a touring tyre with distinctive tread pattern and tyre design to ensure great handling and stability during cornering. The SuperMaxx Sport MA – PS Maxxis motorcycle tyres are an ideal tyre for racers and street riders looking for top end handling and stability at the corners. The Classic M6011 is most suited for classic motorcycles with unique tread pattern design to repel away water quickly.

Specifications of Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

The Presa SuperMotard series Maxxis motorcycle tyres come suited for 17 inch wheels with tyre size 160/60 (width/height profile) with 69 load index and S speed index. The SuperMaxx M 6029 sold at is made to fit rims of 16 and 17 inches with specifications: 110/80 to 130/70 front tyre dimensions, 55 to 61 load indexes, W speed rating and 150/70 to 200/50 rear tyre dimensions, 69 to 75 load indexes and W speed index.

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