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Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres

ADRENALINE and endurance RIDING while looking fashionable

A pioneer in tyre production, Italian-bred Pirelli motorcycle tyres are engineered to achieve excellent performance, comfort and safety on all surfaces and in all weather conditions. Pirelli specializes, however, in driving styles that call for adrenaline and endurance. The tyre of choice for championship motorcycle racing, Pirelli tyres are built for reliability and high-caliber performance even under extremely challenging conditions on the track or on the mud and hard dusty soil of the Motocross circuit. If your driving style is adrenaline-fueled and you want to go a long way while looking fashionable at the same time, Pirelli motorcycle tyres are the only wheels you need.

Ride Hard With Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres (and Look Good While Doing It)

For more than 100 years now, Pirelli as a company has been sponsoring sport competitions, a corporate campaign that has paid well in building the brand. At present, Pirelli is the exclusive tyre supplier of such prominent competitions like Formula One and the FIM World Superbike Championships.
Like its well-known slogan "Power is nothing without control," Pirelli Motorcycle tyres operate using the same philosophy. Featuring excellent grip and cornering ability whether you are on city streets, on track, or off-road, Pirelli tyres will get you there, fashionably.

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