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Quad tyres

When choosing quad tyres, choose wisely

If you know what to look for, selecting a new set of quad tyres shouldn’t be too challenging. Selecting the wrong tyres may decrease performance, increase fuel economy, and very likely damage your ATV.

Things to consider

When choosing the right set of tyres for your quad, pay attention to:

  • Type of terrain you traverse most often - it should be the primary factor for determining the type of tyre you wish to select.
  • Price – determine how much you are willing to spend before choosing the tyre brand.
  • Tyre size – it would be best if you replace your old and worn tyres with tyres of equal, or with ones that are closest to equal, width and height.
  • Round/flat – if you want the best performing tyre for your riding type, consider the shape of the tyre. Utility and ATV’s will typically benefit more from a rounded tyre, while sport and racing quads will benefit more from a flat tyre.

If you are looking to buy quad tyres at affordable prices, online shop is where you need to be. With four clicks of a mouse, choose the right tyre size for your four-wheeler and wait in the comfort of your home for the new set to be delivered at your door step.

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