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Sava Motorcycle Tyres Features

Sava offers you classic scooter tyres as well as modern day radial tyres to suit various customer needs. The Sava motorcycle tyres that fit more than 14 inch wheels are: MC38, Sava SportForce, MC 25 Capri, MC 28, MC 50 and MC 18. They are made to suit the modern day motorcycles and come with multi functional compound to get a better grip, traction, rolling resistance and increased wear and tear. The winter tyres offered by Sava include: Sava MC32, Sava MC32 Win Scoot, Sava MC20, Sava MC20 Monsum, etc.

Sava Motorcycle Tyres Specifications

The Sava MC38 motorcycle tyres suited for more than 12 and 14 inch wheels come with specifications: 120/70 and 130/70 for 12 inches and 90/90 to 140/70 for 14 inches. The load and speed indexes range from 46 to 68 and P and S respectively. The Sava MC32 Win Scoot tyres at Tirendo.co.uk have dimensions100/80 suited for 16 inches with 50 load index and P speed index. The tyre also carries the M+S marking. The Sava motorcycle tyres for winter MC20 Monsum comes with dimension: 130/60 60P with M+S marking.

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