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Nokian Hakka Green

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    Summer tyres
  • Tyre dimensions
    155/80 R13 79T
  • Weight index
  • Speed index
    T (max 190 km/h)
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Nokian Hakka Green – naturally safe

The new Nokian Hakka Green summer tyre uniquely combines the needs of drivers on northern roads. The environmentally friendly novelty, featuring superior grip and driving response, reliably deals with all summer conditions: the rough and scorching hot asphalt, roads wet after intense rain and the steadily cooling weather in late autumn. The extremely low rolling resistance means that Hakka Green rolls lightly, saving both fuel and the environment.

The Nokian Hakka Green has a rolling resistance which is 15 percent lower than that of the Nokian Hakka H, its test-winning predecessor, which means a nearly 3 percent decrease in fuel consumption.

Compared to average summer tyres, the Hakka Green saves 5–8 percent in fuel, while also generating less exhaust emissions.

The fuel savings of an average Nordic driver using lightly rolling Hakka Green tyres would amount to nearly one tank (41 litres) a year. The reduction in CO2 emissions from driving would be 106 kg. If all Finnish motorists used Nokian Hakka Green tyres, annual fuel savings would be over 114 million litres, which corresponds to 2,077 trailer loads. Carbon dioxide emissions would decrease by some 296,000 tonnes. (*

Pine oil stimulates easy rolling

No compromises were made in the persistent development of the driving properties of the new tyre. The development was based on the Nokian Hakka H, a multiple test winner that has earned praise, especially for its low rolling resistance and dependable grip. The superior handling and grip properties were further fine-tuned on test tracks in the Nordic countries, Germany and Spain.More kilometres, quieter driving

The Nokian Hakka novelty features a lower rolling resistance and excellent wear resistance compared to its predecessor, thanks to numerous technical innovations. The semi-round cavities on the sides of the longitudinal ribs, resembling a golf ball pattern, cool the tyre. This new Silent Groove Design reduces drag and ensures better mileage thanks to lower fuel consumption.

The side design of the longitudinal ribs serves to control both inside noise and drive-by noise. The cavities that control air flow cut off the noise stimuli generated by the edges of the longitudinal grooves and prevent any unpleasant, whistling noise. The stable body structure and carefully selected materials further dampen blows and vibration, contributing to the pleasantly silent driving with the Nokian Hakka Green.roplet symbol draws attention to the risk of aquaplaning

Tyres that are in good condition increase safety by significantly reducing the possibility of aquaplaning. In addition to the DSI (Driving Safety Indicator) patented by Nokian Tyres, the tyres also feature an aquaplaning indicator. Its droplet symbol disappears when less than four millimetres of the tread are left, reminding the driver of an increased risk of aquaplaning.For small and medium-sized family cars

The carefully tested Nokian Hakka Green, offering high wear resistance, ensures that drivers can travel safely and comfortably in all road and weather conditions. Each tyre conveys the same pioneering skills and environmental respect as the Hakkapeliitta winter tyres, which have scored more victories in tests than any other tyres worldwide.

True to the strong traditions of its family, the Hakka Green is the first product to be launched in the new Hakka summer tyre range by Nokian Tyres.

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