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Goodyear UltraGrip Tyres

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Key Features of Goodyear Ultra Grip Tyres

  • The Goodyear Ultra Grip tyres are made to give very good traction and road contact during the wintry conditions.
  • There is the use of metal studs in the winter tyre to improve traction on hard ice and snow.
  • The tyre comes with a special winter compound in the tread to evacuate the water from its surface when it rides on the slush and wet roads.
  • The tread grooves are wide enough so that the snow does not get attached to the tyre surface.
  • There are many biting edges all over the tyre to increase the grip of the tyre on snow and ice.

Goodyear Ultra Grip- Tyre Specs

The Goodyear Ultra Grip tyres offered will suit rim sizes 14, 15, 16 and 17 inches. The tyre specs for 14-inch wheels are read as tyre width/height and load and speed indexes are 175/65 82T, 175/70 84T, 185/60 82T, 185/65 86T and 195/70 91T. The tyres that will suit 15-inch wheels are 185/65 88T, 235/75 105T, 195/65 91T, 215/70 98T, 195/60 88T, 205/70 96T, 195/55 85T and 205/65 94T. The tyre specs for 16” and 17” wheels are 205/55 91T, 215/60 95T, 205/60 92T, 215/65 98T, 205/65 95T and 215/65 99T and 225/50 94T respectively. All these tyres can be bought from
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