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Mickey Thompson SUV 4x4 Tyres

Mickey Thompson produces incredible tyres with best performance

About the Company:

Mickey Thompson Tyres and Wheels is one of the largest tyre manufacturing company that was established by an off-road American racer, Marion Lee “Mickey” Thompson. Mickey Thompson was known as the fastest man on earth when he travelled in the year of 1960 at the speed of 650.56 kph. The produced the 50s, 60s and the 70s series in the 1960s and later Mickey Thompson manufactured the Baja series in the 1970s. Today, the company produces various types of tyres which includes race car tyres, all-terrain performance tyres, off- roader tyres, and much more. The target customers of Mickey Thompson Tyres are people who are looking for race track tyres with high quality and safety. All tyres manufactured at Mickey Thompson undergo strict tests to ensure quality and hence offer quality products at affordable prices.

Sample Product:

MICKEY ALL-TERRAIN 38 WEEKEND OFF-ROADER 235/ 75 R 15 XL 6.0-8.0 730 109 T: The tyres are manufactured for SUV/ 4x4 vehicles that provides excellent performance. The grooves of the tyre allow the vehicle to maintain stability and grip in wet road conditions. It also allows the water to disperse quickly in order to prevent the risk of aquaplaning forces. The wide outer shoulder of the tyre enables the tyre to increase its handling properties, especially in dry road conditions. With an incredibly minor level of rolling resistance the tyre offers better fuel consumption and absorbs more energy by internal friction of the tread and casing while the tyre is in motion. At high speeds, the tyre provides a smooth ride without any distortion, and also has a noise reducing system. The tyre has a sporty tread design which increases the handling performance and acceleration. The tyre has a balanced pressure on the road and the elasticity of the tyre increases the tread area provide better grip and stability.

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