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MT-117 Xtreme
Silverstone MT-117 Xtreme
33x10.50 R15 115K , POR


Mud Terrain Tyres

Summer tyres
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Best low-rolling resistance Silverstone Tyres

About the company:

Established in the 1980’s, Silverstone is one of the leading tyres in the Asian continent. The Silverstone Tyre Plant is located in the city of Taping in Malaysia. The company manufactures different types of seasonal tyrs such as summer tyres, winter tyres, all season tyres etc. The company is known for producing tyres for different automobiles which includes commercial vehicles, passenger cars, SUV and much more. Silverstone Tyre has risen to a prominent position in the global transportation markets and now is one of the popular tyre brands all over the world. The tyres are produced with the most up- to- date technology using modern methods and machinery and has received positive assessment from its buyers. The company is known to use the Footprint Analyzer which helps to measure the total distribution of pressure of the tyre by administering a preset force. Along with that, the company also user a B&K noise analyzer which enables to evaluate the vibration and noise level of the tyre.

Sample Product:

Silverstone Atlantis V7 60 185/ 60 R15 84 H: This tyre is produced with the modern ingenious technology and consists of fractional tread pattern with a progressive silica compound technology. This technology enables the tyre to get rid of water quickly when the vehicle is driving through wet road conditions. The tyre features remarkable steering and braking performance along with ultra-high- performance. The rubber compound of the tyre has a great cincture with the road, especially on wet road conditions. The tyre provides minor level of rolling resistance and great cincture in wet road conditions. The tread blocks of the tyre offer provides less vibration to the trailer and offers a stable contact with the surface of the road. The tyre enables the vehicle to drive at high speeds without causing any sort of malformation and it can withstand in extreme hot climatic conditions.

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