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Yokohama Geolandar G902 - Quality, Performance, Emotion

Dedicated to the off-road market, the Yokohama Geolandar HT G056 tyre for the summer season is one of the best value for money models. This tyre is equipped as standard on the Mitsubishi Pajero. It is a product that ensures excellent performance in medium-high temperatures and on dry and wet surfaces, low rolling resistance and excellent handling. The tread profile has been designed to improve acoustic comfort and save fuel.

Proven for its durability, comfortable ride and great handling, the Geolandar HT G056 is still Yokohama's most popular design for the 265/65 R17 size.

This Japanese off-road model is developed for motorists always looking for a long-lasting, quiet, comfortable ride. To generate high traction on wet surfaces, give better fuel-efficiency, reduce noise and enhance tread life the tyre features a multi-combination compound that includes Yokohama's patented Orange Oil technology.

Yokohama has always managed with its constant commitment to research and technological development to meet the needs of a market and a consumer increasingly attentive and sensitive to the product they buy.

In line with company philosophy of research and technological innovation, Yokohama has developed a range of specialised products, in which every single tyre is born with the objective of satisfying precise promises and benefits. From the containment of noise to more extreme sports performance, from the excellent grip on the dry and wet roads to perfect road holding in cold weather conditions.

Today there are four major families of products for Yokohama: ADVAN, the Ultra High Performance sportswear, Drive, a range of specialised products in response to every driving need, Geolandar, (from the latest generation SUVs to the most extreme 4x4), and the winter range.

All the tyres belonging to these product lines are dedicated to the different uses and different driving needs, but there are some strong, indelible common denominators for all Yokohama models: quality, performance, emotion.

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