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Bridgestone Van caravan Tyres

Bridgestone Caravan Tyres - Features

The Bridgestone caravan tyres suited for small trucks used for city and highway rides are the Duravis R205 and Duravis R410. They offer excellent road handling, steering and braking characteristics. The Bridgestone R623 and 613V summer tyres offer top end performance for light vans and trucks with great stability, wet and dry grip and longer tyre life.

Specifications of Bridgestone Caravan Tyres

The Bridgestone caravan tyres for summer come suited for 14 to 16 inch rim sizes with dimensions, ranging from: 165 to 215 (width), 70 height, 92 to 110 load indexes and R, S and T speed indexes. The RD613 tyres from come with specs: 205/75 and 195 suited for 14 and 15 inch wheels with 107S and 106S load and speed indexes respectively.

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