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Continental Vanco 2 Tyres

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Features of Continental Vanco 2 Tyres

  • The modern day tread pattern and tyre construction that ensures you enjoy car-like handling and driving comfort for your vans and caravans.
  • The Continental Vanco 2 tyre uses a technique similar to windscreen wiper to offer very good road grip when driving in wet conditions.
  • Water is dispersed from the contact surface quickly and hence offer great hydroplaning protection.

Continental Vanco 2 – Tyre Specifications

The tyres that suit 15 inch rim sizes are 195/70 100/98R, 205/70 106/104R and 215/65 104/102T. The Continental Vanco 2 tyres that are made to suit 16 inch wheels are 175/75 101/99R, 195/75 107/105R, 215/65 109/107T, 235/65 115/113R and 235/65 121/119R. The tyre specifications that can fit the 14 inch wheels are 185/75 102/100Q, 195/75 106/104Q, 215 112/110P and 205 109/107P. The tyre spec sold at that is ideal for 17 inch rim size is 235/60 117/115R. The tyre specs mentioned above have to be read as tyre width/height and load and speed indexes respectively. The entire tyres mentioned here meet the EU tyre label ratings.
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