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Maxxis Van caravan Tyres

Types of Maxxis Caravan Tyres

The Maxxis caravan tyres are designed to offer greater safety, durability and performance. The most popular all season tyres for your caravan are the Brave Series U-168 that offers great wear and tear resistance. Its strong shoulder, ribs and heavy duty side wall makes it a top class performer on all roads. The UE-103 and DN-851N Eco are the summer tyres on offer from Maxxis for light vans. They offer excellent wet and dry road grip, longevity, mileage and riding ad handling characteristics.

Specifications of Maxxis Caravan Tyres

The Maxxis caravan tyres UE-168 will suit rim sizes 13 to 16 inches. The specifications of the tyres range from: 155 to 225 in width, 65 to 75 in height, and 91 to 121 load indexes and N, R and Q max speed ratings. The UE-103 tyres sold at are offered to suit 14 to 16 inches with dimensions” 165 to 235 width, 65 and 70 in height, 89 to 115 load indexes and R, S and T speed ratings. The Maxxis MA-W2 winter tyres that suit 14 and 16 inch wheels have specifications: 185 to 235 width, 65 in height, 99 to 115 load indexes and R and T speed ratings.

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