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Petlas Van caravan Tyres

Petlas Tyres are made of optimum quality materials

About the company:

Established in the year of 1976, the Petlas Tyre was developed as a State Economic Enterprise to produce tyres for fighter planes for the Turkish Air Force. After a few years, the company became a private organization and began to import, export and the wholesale various kinds of tyres which include passenger car tyres, light truck tyres, commercial truck tyres, military aircraft tyres, agriculture-related vehicle tyres, industrial tyres and much more. Petlas Tyres are known for their excellent quality of products. It has gained international recognition all over the world for its production process and advanced testing facilities. All the products of Petlas are manufactured maintaining strict standards and this has enabled the company to earn various international standards including the US DOT certification, GCC certification, Inmetro certification, BIS certification and many others.

Sample Product:

Petlas VELOX SPORT/ PT 721 205/ 55 R 16 91 H: It is an ultra-summer tyre for passenger cars. The broad tread shoulder design of the tyre enables better traction while the expanded center rib maintains stability while driving in a straight line. The tyre consists of a powerful breaker and ply- like material that increases the control of the divergent force and allows the vehicle to drive at high speeds without causing any damage to the automobile. The tyre provide improved traction with multiple grooves so that the water can disperse fast and placidly while driving through wet road conditions thus overcoming the risk of aquaplaning forces. It has a special innovative silica tread compound which provides rolling resistance thus reducing fuel consumption and absorbs more energy by internal friction of the tread and casing while the tyre is in motion. The high tension bead structure of the tyre allows improves load-bearing, steering, and cornering.

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