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205 55 r16 tyres

Find the Widest Range of 205 55 R16 Tyres at and Have Them Delivered Straight To Your Door.

Different vehicles have different requirements and standards, and 205 55 R16 Tyres are one of the most common types of wheel covers out there. Because of this, there are thousands of models and brands to choose from. At Tirendo, we offer a wide variety of high-quality makes and models that fall under the 205 55 R16 Tyres category.

Designed for sedans and performance vehicles.

205 55 R16 is an indicator for the size of the tyres you choose and their capacity. 205 55 R16 Tyres are designed for wheel covers that have a width of 205 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 55% and a rim diameter of 16 inches.

Thanks to their measurements, these tyres are used for sedans and performance vehicles that are manufactured in Europe, Asia, and America. Renown brands such as Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo have released multiple models that employ 205 55 R16 Tyres, so chances are they are an awesome fit for your vehicle too!

Keep in mind that you can’t easily change your car’s tyre capacities because these are predefined by manufacturers. However, you can check the range of tyres your vehicle supports because can often be used with a small variety of different sizes. Note that they only measure 205 millimetres in width, so the 205 55 R16 Tyres are classified as narrow models.

All tyres are created differently, but as a general rule of thumb, high profile tyres tend to provide a more comfortable and quieter ride. 205 55 R16 Tyres feature an aspect close to 50%, so they are considered to be high-profile tyres and therefore, tend to provide a better choice when it comes to comfort and stability in wet or frozen surfaces. Tyres with higher profiles are often wider and shorter, so they are more likely to slide or aquaplane than high profile models.

How 205 55 R16 Tyres affect your driving experience

High profile tyres greatly affect your driving experience. Since there is more distance between your vehicle and the ground, these tyres enable your car to adjust to minor bumps and discrepancies on the road easily.

Because the side walls are also less stiff, they tend to provide a nicer drive and increase responsiveness. Lastly, using low-profile models can alter your speedometer because sedans commonly come equipped with high profile tyres, to keeping the same type will prevent the need for any adjustments.

Where to purchase your 205 55 R16 Tyres

At you can find the largest array of 205 55 R16 Tyres in the United Kingdom and have your ideal wheel cover delivered straight to your home, starting around £40 per tyre.

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