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Accelera Gamma Tyres

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Established in 1996, Accelera tyres, are produced by an Indonesian tyre manufacturing corporation, PT Elangperadana Tyre Industry. The headquarters of the company spans a total area of one- hundred and twenty- seven thousand square per metre of land which is situated at in Sub- County Citeureup which is a mountainous area at Bogor City.

Sustainable summer tyres for your car: Accelera Gamma

Known for its speed and style, Accelera tyres offers various types of tyres for different vehicles which include passenger cars, trucks and buses and 4x4/SUV. The tyres are produced with the ultramodern materials and technology that satisfies the potential customers and also the needs of the automobile markets. Accelera tyres has gained a prominent place in the local markets and it exports its products to all six continents over the world. Accelera Gamma belongs to the category of Summer tyres and is specifically designed for passenger cars.

Accelera Gamma is an ultra high- performance tyre and consists of high technology directional tread pattern with an advances silica compound technology which allows the tyre to disperse water quickly and smoothly while driving through wet road conditions, thus preventing the risk of aquaplaning. The advanced tread pattern consists of a continuous centre rib and a directional aqua groove. The lateral thread grooves which disperse the water quickie and allows safe driving on wet roads along with that the design pattern also provides good traction during summer on dry roads. Accelera Gamma tyre has a mileage of one- hundred and thirty miles per hour, thus having a speed rating of H. All the Accelera tyres go through a very thorough testing procedure in all types of climatic and road conditions. According to the test results, the tyre has a braking efficiency of rate C and fuel efficiency of rate F.

Accelera Gamma tyres are available in many sizes which include:

• Accelera Gamma 165/55 R 13 70 H - The tyre has a low rolling resistance in order to save energy and consists of a BSW sidewalls which include Black sidewall, White sidewall and White letters. The tyre is M+S rated which indicates that it is manufactured in such a way to perform well in both muddy and snowy road conditions. The rubber compound of the tyre provides excellent grip with the surface of the road and also consists of a noise reducing system. It is a long- lasting sustainable tyre with excellent handling properties which along with remarkable braking and steering performance. All the tyres of Accelera comply with the rules and regulations of the European Union and carries the label of the European Union.

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