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Any van owner will be looking to save fuel on every journey. The Barum Vanis tyres are designed to offer you high quality safety and outstanding economy on the road. The following are the features of Vanis tyres:

• Extended tyre life

Tread lugs are very sturdy and offer slow wear and tear. These tyres have a flat contour and this helps in keeping the tread wear even. You need not look for frequent replacement of these tyres.

• Wet road performance

These tyres come with three circumferential grooves that are wide enough to drain away any water that splashes onto the tread. These tyres reduce the risk of aqua planning and you will enjoy greater steering control on wet and rainy conditions.

• Road grip

The shoulders of these Barum tyres are fitted with multi-edged lugs that give stiffness to the tread and ensure strong gripping on the road. There are flexible sipes used in the tread to offer better road grip even on low loads.

• Braking

The tread pattern has tie bars in the center and hence it helps in shorter braking distances on dry surfaces

Barum Vanis specifications

The Barum Vanis tyres come suited for wheel sizes 14, 15 and 16 inches. The width and profile of 14 inch wheels are 195mm/70mm with 104 load index and R speed rate. The 15 inch wheel has tyre dimensions of 205/65 with 99 load index rating and T speed index (max. 118mph). The 16 inch wheels have tyre sizes 195 /75 with 107 load index and R speed index and 225/75 with 121 load index rating. Tirendo has these van tyres on offer in its online store.

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