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Bridgestone Car Summer Tyres

Bridgestone summer tyres – advanced solutions from the world’s largest car tyre maker

Warm-weather driving requires a good balance of dry and wet security, good reliability, and efficiency. As you would expect from a premium manufacturer of this calibre, Bridgestone summer tyres are more than up to the job. Whatever you may drive, buying Bridgestone tyres online from Tirendo is an investment you will never regret.

Using only quality materials and cutting-edge design technology, the Japanese manufacturer has unsurprisingly managed to introduce a range of excellent car, van, and 4x4 tyres. offers you the best online tyre deals on the market, and our Bridgestone summer tyre catalogue has something for everybody!

Fuel efficient tyres with good safety reserves are essential for commuting and city driving, and this is the philosophy behind the Ecopia eco tyre series. The Bridgestone Ecopia EP25 and EP 150 are capable and well-proven designs, while the excellent Ecopia EP001S impresses with class-A ratings for both fuel economy and wet grip.

Japanese technology in the service of British motorists – Bridgestone summer tyres

For general-purpose touring applications, the versatile Bridgestone Turanza T001 and Turanza ER300 summer tyre models provide comfort, well-balanced driving characteristics in any weather, and good mileage. For those with a more dynamic driving style, the Potenza series consists of performance-oriented Bridgestone summer tyres - for anything from sporty compacts to performance SUVs and supercars.

Do you need premium 4x4 tyres? The reputed Bridgestone Dueler range includes road-focused H/L and H/T tyres, as well as A/T all-terrain tyres. For quality van and caravan tyres, look no further than the Bridgestone Duravis product line.

Buy your Bridgestone summer tyres online from Tirendo, and never miss our special tyre offers. Visit us often, and keep an eye on our broader list of offerings for new and attractive items – we have a good mix of cheap, eco and premium tyres.

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