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Uniroyal Car Tyres

The ultimate rain tyres

Uniroyal tyres have been known, for more than 30 years, as the ultimate rain tyres. Uniroyal as a company practically invented the rain tyres; as a brand, Uniroyal is unparalleled in wet weather tyre technology. Uniroyal tyres have therefore become synonymous with optimum performance and safety in even the wettest conditions. 

Uniroyal tyres for Safe Driving on Snow-Covered Roads

Throughout Europe, the slogan “Uniroyal – the Rain Tyre” rings true, and nowhere is it more applicable than in the UK and Ireland where it rains for about 165 days a year. With the risk of vehicular accidents twice as high on wet surfaces than on dry roads, putting your needs in the hands of a rain tyre specialist is a wise choice. 

With Uniroyal tyres specifically engineered for wet driving conditions, you can expect that your car is equipped to cope with all the driving demands that wet weather brings. Uniroyal tyres are the ideal tyres to provide you maximum protection against aquaplaning. Uniroyal MS PLUS 66 is perfect for high-performance vehicles that are driven on wet, wintery roads where short braking distance is required. This series of Uniroyal winter tyres provides good traction and cornering control on snow-covered surfaces to maintain a high level of aquaplaning safety.

Uniroyal tyres: The Ultimate Wet Weather Tyre

Building on more than 130 years of company history, Uniroyal has developed tyres that are based on intensive research. This translates into ongoing improvements to all tyre components, from tread and contour to rubber compounds used in tyre production. Uniroyal tyres have perfected wet weather tyre technology like no one else does in the market. While Uniroyal tyres work well on dry roads, the tyres excel even more when it rains. This results in high quality Uniroyal all-season tyres!

When you are confident that your Uniroyal tyres are going to repel water fast and breeze through standing water without skidding, your driving becomes more enjoyable and safer. You can go wherever and whenever you want with the save Uniroyal car tyres, knowing that the weather can no longer ruin your day. Tirendo is offering Uniroyal's high quality all-season, winter and summer tyres

If you are looking for cheap, eco or premium tyres, at Tirendo you will find diversity, quality services, and the best tyre deals! So buy your Uniroyal tyres online, at


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