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Uniroyal RainExpert
165/65 R14 79T
  • Tyre label / Efficiency class:
    F B 70 dB
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Uniroyal Car Summer Tyres

Whatever the weather, you are always safe with Uniroyal summer tyres

Uniroyal summer tyres are well known for their performance in the wet – after all, we are dealing with the inventors of the rain tyre. These days, however, Uniroyal tyres are making a good name for themselves for more than their ability to make a rainy day feel brighter. Dry grip is more than respectable, as are reliability and comfort, so it seems that the brand’s relationship with now-parent company Continental is really paying off.

The RainSport and RainExpert series of Uniroyal summer tyres prove that this formerly-niche brand has become a serious threat to any mainstream premium manufacturer. The names leave little room for ambiguity concerning the maker’s traditional focus on wet prowess. And the models have received universal praise from motoring press experts.

A string of summer hits from Uniroyal, available at great prices at

An excellent option for any compact to upper mid-range car or SUV, the Uniroyal RainSport 3 makes use of its innovative ‘shark skin’ design to deliver impressive handling and braking in the wet. Grip levels are just as good in the dry, earning this remarkable Uniroyal tyre a second place in the 2014 ‘Auto, Motor und Sport’ summer tyre test, ahead of some resounding premium brands.

A more touring-oriented model, the new Uniroyal RainExpert 3 uses the same ‘shark skin’ technology as its sportier sibling, the RainSport 3. Safety in the rain is thus just as good, and aquaplaning resistance is bordering on legendary. A little softer overall, this Uniroyal summer tyre sacrifices some of the sharpness for better comfort and fuel economy, which will no doubt be to the liking of more practical-minded motorists.

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