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Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres

Traditional motorcycle tyres

Metzeler motorcycle tyres have been on the road since 1892, and the company's over 100 years of experience results to engineering motorcycle tyres that meet every riders' or racers' toughest demands.

Befitting its German heritage, Metzeler tyres are designed to deliver quality and performance without sacrificing safety and reliability. Using cutting edge technology that addresses the needs and expectations of motorcyclists that the company is intimately familiar with given their own riding culture, Metzeler motorcycle tyres are avant-garde yet grounded with the realities of driving conditions and specific rider needs.

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Using advanced rubber compounds of the top-shelf grade and developing state-of-the-art tread designs, Metzeler as a brand has always been at the vanguard of technical development, which translates to Metzeler motorcycle tyres that are highly advanced yet every inch practical for the shifting demands of the motorcycling market.
Not surprisingly, Metzeler tyres work where adrenaline, toughness and durability are called for. Whether for the race track, Enduro circuit, sport touring or cruising, Metzeler motorcycle tyres perform beyond expectations.
When it’s time to change tyres and you want to benefit from the most up-to-date in tyre technology, go with Metzeler tyres and you will go far.

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