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Shinko Motorcycle Tyres

Shinko Tyre strives to provide only optimum quality tyres

About the Company:

Founded in the year of 1946, the Shinko Tyres was started in the city of Osaka in Japan. It is one of the primary tyre manufacturing company in Japan that produces incredible tyres for scooters and motorcycles. The company produces more than 200,000 tyres every month. The key goal of the Shinko Tyres is to manufacture top-notch tyres with the modern and unprecedented materials and technology according to the prelidiction of the consumers and the requirements of the global automobile markets. The company produces different types of tyres for motorcycles which includes tyres for cruiser – classic tyres, touring tyres and Harley Davidson tyres, tyres for off-road motorbikes – hard tyres, intermediate tyres, flat track tyres, mud tyres, soft tyres, tyres for sports bike – sport touring tyres, track tyres, super sport tyres and much more.

Sample Product:

Shinko 006 PODIUM 130/ 70 Z R 16 W 61 T/L: It is a sports bike tyre producing for sport touring. It is high-performance tyre and the tread is combined with an advanced silica compound which allows the tyre to disperse water fast and placidly when you are riding on wet roads, and prevents the possibilities of aquaplaning. The advanced tread pattern consists of a continuous center rib and a directional aqua groove. The lateral thread grooves disperse the water quickly and allow safe driving on wet roads. Additionally, the design pattern provides excellent traction on dry roads. Budget-friendly and long- lasting, it can perform at high speeds without causing any sort of distortion. The main focus of the company is to manufacture excellent performance tyre with the modern and innovative technology according to the preference of the consumers and the needs of the automobile markets.

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