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Accelera Iota Tyres

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The Accelera IOTA tyres are ideal tyres for SUV and 4x4 performance vehicles they offer comfortable rides on the highways courtesy of improved handling and better road grip characteristics. They are effective in handling both dry and wet road conditions. You can enjoy better stability with these Accelera tyres.

Salient features of Accelera IOTA

The Accelera IOTA tyre is offered within asymmetric tread pattern and twin central circumferential grooves that will ensure better road grip on wet roads and thereby help in reducing aquaplaning. The bold and dynamic pattern blocks are in a unique combination that will enhance the traction on wet roads. The thick outer and inner block pattern will offer better road grip at the curves. The continuous central rib will provide regular contact with the road on both wet and dry conditions. This ensures very good road trip on highways even at high speeds.

Specifications of Accelera IOTA tyres

You will find the Accelera IOTA tyres suited for rim sizes 16 to 18 inches. The 16 inch wheel is offered with 265 width, 70 aspect ratio, 116 load index and H speed rating. The 17 inch wheel has suitable tyre of 255 width, 60 profile, 110 loads and V speed ratings. The width/ profile, load and speed ratings of tyres suited for 18 inch wheels are: 255/55, 109 V; 235/60, 107V; 255/60, 112Vand 265/60,114V respectively. All these tyres are available at the online store.


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