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Avon ZX7 Tyres

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Why Are Avon ZX7 Tyres Popular?

The very good wet road handling capability, risk-free hydroplaning, and longer tread life and very good riding comfort are some of the reasons why many people prefer to buy Avon ZX7 tyres for their SUVs.

Avon ZX7- Key Features

The following are the features that make Avon ZX7 tyres a preferred one among many SUV users.
  • The tyre comes with 3D sipes to improve the road handling capacity and also to increase the life of the tyre.
  • The shoulder blocks of the tyre are rigid to offer very good road grip at fast speeds and also while cornering.
  • The use of high-quality silica compound enhances road grip during wet conditions and this is further boosted by the use of asymmetric tread pattern. The treads will resist aquaplaning.
  • The sides of the alloy wheels are protected by the extended flange.

Avon ZX7- Tyre Specs

The tyre specs that fit 16 inch wheels are 215/65 98H, 235/60 100H and 215/65 98V (tyre width/height load and speed indexes). The Avon ZX7 tyres that suit 17 inch wheels are 215/60 96H, 225/65 102H, 235/65 108V, 235/65 99H, 235/65 104V, 275/55 109V, 235/55 99V, 255/65 110H and 265/65 112H. The tyres seen at store that suits 18 inch wheels are 215/55 99V, 255/55 109V, 235/55 100V, 235/60 103V, 225/60 100H, 235/60 107V, 235/60 103W, 235/50 97V, 235/55 100H, 255/60 112V, 255/55 109Y and 225/55 98V.
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