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Create a Comfortable and Safe Driving Experience for Your Van with the Viking WinTech Van Tyres

Winter time usually means dangerous driving conditions, which can result in severe accidents for vans and trailers. The Viking WinTech Van tyres offer an awesome alternative that provides stability, great handling, and comfort at the same time. Moreover, these dedicated van tyres can also help reduce internal noise levels and can make your heavy vehicle more fuel efficient.

The Viking WinTech Van offer a safe grip and increased traction when travelling on cold, snowy, or wet conditions. Not only this, but because they are designed to withstand the same amount of wear and tear as a regular summer tyre, these winter rubbers will last for a long time without showing any major signs of damage.

Create a safe driving experience for your van even in the most extreme condition

Vans are considerably heavier than sedans and other small vehicles, and because of this, they have different tyre requirements than their smaller counterparts. The Viking WinTech Van tyres are designed to be used for with heavier vehicles, so they are very rugged and give you a real feeling of control over your van.

Besides better handling and reduced noise levels, you will also experience better braking in wet conditions, giving drivers more confidence when sitting behind the wheel.

Find the best deals for the Viking WinTech Van tyres

You can find the Viking WinTech Van tyres starting at just under £51 each by visiting, where you can also check out our full collection of van, SUV and sedan tyres available.

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